A promising start at first light went steadily downhill as mists came in followed by light drizzle and then increasing winds and showers. A couple of net rounds at Longis reserve were all that was possible and 16 birds were processed 15 of which were new.

There was a Sparrowhawk through the reserve at first light and just as I packed up a couple of hours later a Hobby came in low over the reserve pond then rapidly gained height heading south.

Some exciting information has come back to us from The Channel Islands ringing group concerning one of the 3 Storm Petrels we caught on Burhou this year that had a French ring on. (so originally ringed in France) One of these ‘controlled’ by Alderney Bird observatory 29/07/16 on Burhou had French ring number SA890835. The details of this bird were sent to our French counterparts and they have confirmed that the bird was originally ringed 242km away on Beniguet Island on 25.07.1997, some 19 years ago !  See map below. We are checking our records to see if this is a new longevity record for Storm Petrel for the Channel islands.



White-line Dart moth.