Quite regularly I receive photos in my capacity as Alderney Island Bird Recorder of birds seen locally sent in by members of the public asking for help with species identification on which I am always happy to help. Once in a while the images I receive are of eyebrow raising species, for example in 2018 a Dalmatian Pelican, in 2020 a Bearded Vulture. Today I was passed an image of a Pied Crow flying across Braye harbour yesterday afternoon, apparently it was on roof tops in the vicinity of ‘ The Chippy’. Almost certainly the bird first seen in the harbour area here on 7th Oct 23′ and subsequently flying over Mannez Quarry 23rd October. But where has it been since? Our best guess is that this highly conspicuous individual has been camped out on Burhou islet a couple of miles offshore and is occasionally visiting mainland Alderney. So for all our local members and enthusiasts, watch out for a black and white Crow!

Photos here, the original mobile phone shot and an enlarged image of the Pied Crow.