As promised here are the details of the Mediterranean Gull Metal ring 5412153, spotted by Paul Veron on Crabby Beach. Though small numbers of this species are present on Alderney for most of the year (they far less numerous than the very similar Black headed Gull) this is only our second ever record of us being able to track the history of an individual from reading its ring in the field. The details we received from the German ringing scheme are as follows:

Current colour ring: green
Species: Mediterranean gull Larus melanocephalus
Ringing date: 23.05.2015
Ringing place: Pionierinsel Lühe, Steinkirchen, Stade, Niedersachsen,  Germany
Ringer Team: Hamburg
Remarks Captured: on nest
Sex: male

Recovered :15.02.2017 Crabby Beach, Alderney Channel 49° 43′ 19,2” N 2° 12′ 18” W 920 634 v Paul Veron.

The female common Pochard remains on Crabby quarry. There was Mediterranean Gull on the sea just off shore 3rd March and a fine White Wagtail on the golf course 4th green. Little signs of passerine migration bar an increase in Meadow Pipits. The return of our seabirds, particularly Gannets, Auks and Lesser black backed Gull numbers continue to increase. Steve Roberts reports seeing a Short eared Owl last week (further details awaited). A pair of Buzzards are looking good for nesting at Rose farm and Sparrowhawks have been seen at the same location as well as around Longis reserve, the golf course and Essex farm. A female Peregrine was hunting Lonigs Bay on the 5th.