The sea mist that arrived late afternoon yesterday was heavier this morning. There was very little breeze, we opened a few nets around Essex farm and processed just 10 birds. The focus on passerines will soon switch to seabirds with June set to see teams of ringers (some joining us from the UK)  continue the long-standing Gannet ringing program and in July the Storm Petrels.

There were very few birds moving and little about after the fog shrouded the island overnight. 5 Whimbrels did their daily commute between Longis beach and nature reserve at high tide. The mists have lingered all day but appear to be clearing this evening.

Moths today included a Ruby Tiger, 3 Yellow Belle, 1 Large Yellow Underwing, Angle shades, 9 Heart and Dart, 3 Flame Shoulder, 2 shuttle shaped Dart, White Ermine, 2 Buff Ermine, Small square spot,  Pine Beauty, Orange Footman and Rustic Shoulder-knot.


Orange Footman


Angle Shades