Great News! We are a BIG step closer to proving that Manx Shearwater is breeding on Alderney! Early this year a local birdwatcher and ABO member made an extremely generous donation to us; the very latest scientific wildlife acoustic recording equipment. This state of the art high tech audio recorder is specially engineered to deliver quality sound recordings of bird calls, we deployed it a few weeks ago and exciting results concerning the recording of birds migrating/passing over Alderney overnight have been steadily coming in. Our recent recordings of a Manx Shearwater (a species active and vocal at night at its breeding sites) suggest that this species may be currently breeding in Alderney. We anticipate regular results from this research that will further enhance our annual return of data evidencing Alderneys important role in path of the East Atlantic migration Flyway. Photo (JH) A Manx Shearwater found in a boat in Braye harbour in 2017.