From the doom & gloom of avian-flu to a positive Gannet story!

A licensed Spanish bird ringer has reported releasing a Gannet that had been stuck in a fence in Melilla North Africa (an autonomous Spanish city bordering Morocco).
Senor Perez spotted the ring on the bird and sent the details to the Channel Islands bird ringing scheme after rescuing and successfully releasing the Gannet which appeared unharmed by the experience.
This bird is another impressive longevity record having been originally ringed as a chick on Ortac rock Alderney 25th June 1993 and rescued 12th Jan 23′ making it 29 years 6 months and 18days old and counting!!
Of course, this fortunate bird having travelled 1000 miles before it met with a fence, may now be back on Ortac, strutting its stuff and preparing for another breeding season.