I spent a wonderful month on your beautiful Island volunteering for The Alderney Bird Observatory. It was a busy time and I feel blessed to have been lucky enough to contribute to their work and evolution. I was also busy in those moments of ‘down time’ doing what I love to do. Photographing wildlife. Hours of preparation went into this image and it was well worth it. People travel hundreds of miles, in the uk, in the hope they might get a glimpse of these charismatic birds. I’d imagine it’s one of the reasons that Naturetrek cruises where drawn in by John and The Bird Observatory. Who knew before then that Alderney wasn’t just Puffins and Gannets? Anyway, this is a vast improvement on the images I got of Dartford Warbler in 2012, on Alderney and will be the cover shot for my Birds of Alderney 2022 Calendar, all profits will be gladly donated to the ABO. So watch this space.