Some good local longevity records amongst this morning’s ringing included a Dunnock and Great Tit both over 4 yrs old. The large flocks of Lapwings, Golden Plovers and all 8 Cattle Egrets have moved on.
Still there was plenty of interest today with 2 wintering Whimbrels off the NE coast, an adult Little Gull, Common Gull and a local record number of 68 Great black backed Gulls amongst a variety of seabirds drawn to a feeding frenzy that also attracted around 20 Common Dolphins, the latter present for over an hour hunting and breaching offshore behind the lighthouse.
There was more to come by way of a Black Redstart and a Grey Seal at Longis Bay and a Barn Owl at Kiln Farm.

Image – some of the immature Great black backed Gulls (mobile phone through scope)