A late in report of 6 Bramblings in a back garden in Barrackmasters Lane. Thanks to John & Jenny Richardson for reporting the record and for the photo !

Male Brambling – Barrackmasters Lane – photo – John & Jenny Richardson

14th – Thanks to all the members of the  La Societe Guernesiaise for turning out on a cold and rainy night for a return presentation updating you all on The Alderney Bird Observatory project. Really great to engage with an audience of wildlife enthusiasts and professionals and to learn that several of you are already booked to visit Alderney this April to come birding. We look forward to welcoming you and thank you for your continued support.

A Tufted Duck was spotted flying over the waterworks reservoir, it was then seen on Corblett’s quarry before settling on Longis pond. This is only the 3rd record of this species in the last 2yrs.

Tufted Duck (male) record shot – Longis Pond – photo – JH

15th – 5 Wheatears were seen during the ABO daily census along with a marked increase in Lesser black backed Gulls (90). A Peacock Butterfly was amongst the Brambles at the north end of Longis pond.

16th – A single Firecrest was ringed at Essex Farm as the first migrant passerines continue to trickle through. A single Swallow passed overhead from across Longis common and over the Observatory just after I shut the nets late morning. A Marsh Harrier was seen over the Mannez garenne, the bird appeared to head out towards the French coast. A single Whimbrel was in Longis Bay. The female Reed Bunting was present at Longis pond and the unusual sight of a party of 5 Long tailed Tits made their way through the pond side scrub.

17th – Sandy Robertson got some nice shots of a Dunlin sheltering on the Giffoine. Two Mediterranean Gulls, one in fine summer plumage were in Braye Bay. Early evening 2 Snipe were present on Longis pond, at least 4 Chiffchaff scouted the waters edge for food and a dark bellied Brent Goose had teamed up with the Shelduck in Longis Bay ahead of the forecast bad weather.

Dunlin – Giffoine – Photo – Sandy Robertson

18th – A fine day for catching up with paperwork, ringing net repairs and bringing the blog up to date !  As the ‘mini beast from the east swept in today. Final checks have been made concerning all the rare bird sightings for Alderney during 2017 and their description forms now sent for consideration to the members of the Bailiwick rare birds committee. A Grey Plover and 2 Ringed Plovers were seen in Bray Bay. A late afternoon walk over to the Longis reserve hide confirmed that the male Tufted Duck is still present, today joined by 4 Teal. Not a passerine in sight, this time last year we were awash with Chiffchaffs !  A squealing Water Rail coincided with my departure from the hide, I must say it summed up nicely my own thoughts about the ‘-5C with wind chill’ conditions!