Despite being a rare sighting in Alderney, some lucky local residents are currently seeing a Great Spotted Woodpecker visiting bird feeders in their garden’s. The below photo (taken this morning) was sent in to the ABO. This particular woodpecker may well be the one that was first seen in October 2020 in the Bonne Terre valley area. Through November and December the ABO received information concerning several local sightings of the bird which we now understand has been visiting a local garden throughout January right up to this morning. With my Island Bird Recorder hat on I can say that this is the first time ever that this species could be considered as ‘over-wintering’ in Alderney. Historical records tell us that this species occurs here roughly once every 5 to 7 years. However, since the launch of the ABO we have recorded 1 to 3 Great Spotted Woodpeckers each year over the last 5 years suggesting it is not quite as rare as was thought, likely a result of the comparative lack of consistent ornithological coverage. Our data has enabled us to recently update the status of this species in Alderney in The List of Bird Of The Channel Islands from ‘rare visitor’ to ‘rare annual visitor’. Whatever its status, a wonderful bird!