Confirmation has been received that a species of Beetle ‘ Stenoria analis’ is the latest addition to the extensive list of flora and fauna never before recorded on Alderney until discovered by the ABO team.

ABO warden John Horton said ‘The range of experts and enthusiasts that our observatory has brought to this historically under-watched and largely under-recorded island has given rise to more that 50 new species from mammals, birds and plant species to a wide variety of insects and allies being found by our staff, volunteers, visitors and guests over just a few years.

This latest find was made during a visiting specialist wildlife holiday group led by ABO staff this past week, it’s all great evidence of Alderney’s rich biodiversity and the importance of the fragile ecosystem on this tiny island, our work is bringing hundreds of visitors to Alderney and the wider Bailiwick each year to experience the wonderful and extraordinary assortment of wildlife that our islands support.

Photo JH; Stenoria analis