Late afternoon I was pleased to see a Rook at Kiln farm fields. Historical records of this species in Alderney are of singles in 1988, and 2003 only. In April 2017 the ABO recorded the first Rook for 14yrs, and then in April 2020 we had a further bird making todays individual the 3rd since we launched the ABO in 2016. The comparative succession of recent records achieved for this species through standardised annual monitoring is perhaps giving us the first realistic understanding of the status of Rook in Alderney; they are indeed rare, but much closer to being an annual visitor than 2 previous records in 200 years would suggest. Other signs of movements of birds today with a male Shelduck, 77 Meadow Pipits, 13 Stonechats (8 together at one location) and as the light fell away 2 Woodcocks flew by Mannez Lighthouse whilst I was training our bat monitor on our first Pipistrelle Bat of the year. Photo todays Rook (JH).