The ABO welcomes Matthew Scragg as our assistant warden for 2021. Now out of isolation Matt has hit the ground running helping recording spring migration. Matt has completed 2 years as assistant warden at Landguard Bird observatory in Suffolk and then for the last two years he has been at Landsort, one of Sweden’s leading bird observatories (ringing over 13,000 birds last year). Matt, who has also taken part in a dedicated Puffin study research program involving him ringing over 1500 of them, brings to Alderney Bird Observatory a wealth of research skills and experience that can only further enhance our scientific records and the reputation of Alderney as a globally important migration flyway and cracking place to visit to watch birds! We would also like to thank all of those who applied to fill the position of assistant warden for 2021, the ABO team were both flattered and delighted to receive interest from so many capable and qualified applicants. Photo – Matt Scragg in Alderney.