In John’s (ABO Warden) absence, we have a few interesting sightings that are worthy of the blog.

Osprey (Courtsey of Martin Batt)


Friday saw a sighting of an Osprey mid-way down Longis Road.  The bird was in flight passing over a building site.  It was spotted by carpenter and local birder Chris Brown.    Robert, the AWT’s Conservation Officer, sighted 6 Bee-Eaters on Longis Common as well as Whimbrels and Shelduck in Longis Bay.  Also flights of 20 or more Swifts were sighted in several locations around St. Annes and Longis towards early evening.

Greater Broomrape

Greater Broomrape LP

On a floral note Lindsay, the AWT’s botanist, noted the first displays of the nationally scarce Greater Broomrape and the local rare Orange Bird’s-foot coming into bloom on the Giffoine around the Tete de Judemarre headland.

So even with John off island, and despite somewhat changeable weather, it’s well worth getting out and about on the island.