A good morning’s mist netting by the visiting seabird ringers saw 37 more new birds ringed including our first 2016 hatch Linnet, Blackcap, Whitethroat and Meadow Pipit. A further recently fledged Song Thrush makes 15 young Song Thrushes ringed this month just in the vicinity of the observatory. Given this species has declined by over 50% in the UK since 1970 and is on the RSPB ‘Red List’ of birds of conservation concern,  it is interesting that Song Thrushes are doing so well here on Alderney. It is possible that the total absence of Mapies on the island is a contributing factor, as the Song Thrush nests are not subject to Magpie predation as they are on the mainland where Magpie numbers have steadily increased.


First year Song Thrush

Today there were 2 Curlew on Longis Beach and a male Sparrowhawk was seen over the Obs.