Today’s sightings include a male Hobby hunting over Longis Nature Beserve, which was reported by Dr Sandy Robertson.

The next phase of our seabird ringing program went ahead today and went very well.  Our team visited Burhou to continue the long-standing Lesser Black-backed Gull research. Again the weather and sea state were kind to us and we took full advantage of the conditions, ringing around 175 Lesser Black-backed Gull chicks and half a dozen Herring Gulls.

Over Burhou island two Swifts headed South and there were at least two Wheatears (a species that breeds here). A raft of around 200 Puffins kept an eye on our progress all day and  Rock Pipits look to have been successful breeders here with around 20 birds present across the island.


Lesser black backed Gull chicks – Burhou Island

Having spent most of the day staring at the ground looking for gull chicks I could not help but notice the wonderful profusion of the wild flower Scarlet Pimpernel pictured below.


Scarlet Pimpernel  – Burhou Island