This morning I took the moth trap into our ringing room for examination as it was a bit blowy. I was surprised to see a passerine fly in through the open window and perch up on the handle of a furling stick at the other end of the room, a Rock Pipit! I caught the bird quickly in our catching net, and a few minutes later it was back out on the beach sporting a Channel Islands ring. For data inputting the ‘catching method’ perhaps best recorded as ‘visited our ringing room’!

The day of ‘birds indoors’ continued with Caroline Kay Mouet bringing into the Obs a young Blackcap that had come a cropper having flown into her greenhouse glass. Again a positive outcome as after some recovery time in a box in a quiet location the bird flew off strongly.

Early evening there were 3 Sanderling on Longis Beach, historically, the Island ony has two previous records for the month of July. There were all 3 Curlew at the same location.

The moth trap was bumper with exciting specimens this morning including our first Pine Hawkmoth and Bordered Sallow. We also had Great Dart, Grass Eggar, Rosy Minor, Brussels Lace and sharp angled Peacock.


Rock Pipit – Alderney Bird Observatory


Pine Hawkmoth


Sharp Angled Peacock