First thing this morning there were 2 Redshanks feeding on the tide line along side an adult Mediterranean Gull in Longis Bay.  This afternoon a male Sparrowhawk swept past the Obs and there was a male Kestrel hunting around Whitegates.

Moderate NW winds this morning, and experience has shown us we can ring comfortably at our Essex farm site where the nets are sheltered in these conditions. Another 19 new birds were ringed, again mostly this years fledged birds which included a nice variety. We ringed finches, warblers and thrushes among other birds. I am beginning to wonder where they are all coming from! The excellent and high productivity rate for a variety of local breeding birds is testimony to the diversity of habitat here and its sensitive management, together with the fact that large areas of habitat have minimal human disturbance. There is no doubt that our efforts to encourage dog walkers to keep pets under control whilst passing through Longis Nature Reserve has been a great success to date with excellent cooperation from local residents.

Now to one of our very special breeding residents, the Dartford Warbler. Today photographed by Dr Sandy Robertson at Giffoine.


Male Dartford Warbler – Giffoine  (Dr S. Robertson)


Female Dartford Warbler – Giffoine (Dr S. Robertson)