Welcome to the second Bailiwick Big Garden Birdwatch. During the difficult periods of lockdown many people have enjoyed the birds in their garden, some discovering the delights of observing our feathered friends for the first time. This citizen science initiative is an opportunity to take part in the ABO’s research, in this incidence helping us to deliver the most comprehensive census of garden birds in the history of the Bailiwick islands! Holding a garden birdwatch survey at this time of year is an important step towards helping us to build a picture of how well (or not so well) our breeding garden birds are doing, by the end of April most of the species attracted to your garden either to nest or to visit for food during their nesting period are established and hard at work. Birdwatching has no boundaries and the opportunity for you to enjoy the birds that have chosen your garden awaits you. Young or old, expert or novice, here is a chance to help us help the Bailiwick islands birds.
During the last week of April starting Saturday 24th and ending Friday 30th, we would like you to record as many birds as possible that visit your garden. A 7-day checklist of bird species likely to visit you is available on this web page for you to fill in each day or for as many as you are able. Once completed, clicking a simple ‘send’ button will enable us to collate the information you provide.
As a thank-you from us and the birds, every ‘Bailiwick Big Garden Birdwatch’ entry will enter a free draw of 2 free night’s accommodation at Alderney bird observatory situated at The Nunnery overlooking Longis Bay from within its Roman Fort walls.
You can also download and print a copy of this form, either using it as a ‘tally sheet’ during the birdwatch, or sending a postal entry, to the address at the bottom of the document.
Taking part is easy, simply populate our online daily checklist, or post/email your completed document to us at the end of the week.