Catching up from the 26th, a single Canada Goose was seen twice by separate observers (myself & Justin)  mid and then late afternoon, on both occasions flying across Longis Bay. In some parts of the UK this species is considered a common pest but here it is quite rare and another new species for the ABO. Four days of predominantly cold North and East winds and a lot of rain ! Despite the conditions some unusual records as migration continues to struggle against the conditions.

27th – Justin saw an Iceland Gull in Crabby bay, the bird was a 1st winter individual.

28th – Lee Sanders braved the cold winds to walk the little covered area of fields behind Tugbys depot above Kiln farm. Lee, a keen birder who recently moved to Alderney has fast made this particular area his ‘patch’. This evening Lee’s efforts found reward by way of a male Cirl Bunting, the bird was calling perched up in some scrub and Lee was lucky enough to see the bird well and confirm the species. Another new species to the ABO ! Still 2 Bramblings present in the vicinity of Mannez Lighthouse were spotted during the daily census which also recorded 10 Redwings, 1 Fieldfare and 27 Chiffchaffs. In the late afternoon the wind dropped and we opened a couple of nets at Essex farm catching our first Willow Warbler of the spring and a dozen Chiffchaffs.

30th, Rain all morning so some birding from the car the best option. Pulling up at the Fort Doyle outflow a 2nd Winter Mediterraannean Gull was bobbing around feeding amongst around 30 Herring Gulls. Scanning through them I was delighted to see the 1st winter Iceland Gull. Finally getting a decent look at this bird, I believe it to be the same bird we saw at the beginning of the month on the 3rd.. A 2nd winter Mediterranean Gull and 6 Sandwich Terns were also present. Later in the morning a single Grey seal was lounging in the calm waters just below ‘the frying pan’.

1st winter Iceland Gull – Fort Doyle outflow – photo x 2 – JH