A late report from Anne Isabelle Boulon from the 22nd Jan of 26 Lapwings on the fields near Kiln Farm.

23rd – Goldcrest, Buzzard and Stonechat at Mannez, Pochard on Crabby Quarry, Lesser black backed on Gull Crabby beach, 8 Chaffinch, Woodcock, 2 Lapwings and 3 Redwing on the Golf course. Pied Wagtial and 5 Chaffinch Kiln Farm. 2 Lapwings over the golf course

24th – 3 Brent Geese, 1 Bar-tailed Godwit, 4 Grey Plovers Braye Bay. 2 Buzzard Fort Albert.

25th Ringing at Kiln Farm; 2 birds only 1 Collared Dove, 1 Starling.


Male Collared Dove – Kiln Farm – Photo ABO

26th – Male Shoveler Corbletts quarry, 2 Lapwings Whitegates, and from Mark Atkinson 30 Lapwings and 8 Golden Plovers Grande Val.

27th – 2 Golden Plovers at Whitegates, 35 Lapwings near the airfield, 1 Cattle Egret found at the Blaye by John Weir. Only 2 previous records, the last in 2001.


Cattle Egret – nr the cemetery – photo ABO

28th, John Weir struck again recording a Waxwing in his back garden at the Blaye whilst conducting the RSPB garden birdwatch.  Paul and Catherine Veron found a Common Gull and Black Redstart at Tourgis, also Grey Wagtail – Braye Harbour, Mediterranean Gulls; 4 Braye, 1 Saye, 1 Corblets, 1 near Airport and 2 Kittiwakes off Corblets. Also reported were 3 Lesser black backed Gulls at Corbletts, 3 Grey Plovers at Saye, 5 Fieldfares on the airfield and 4 Mediterranean Gulls in Longis bay.15 Chaffinches over Essex and a female Sparrowhawk.

Also now two Cattle Egrets, moving around the island a lot, seen at the Blaye, near the cemetary, at Grand Val and at Kiln Farm.

An assistant warden for the 2017 season has been appointed. Justin Hart will be joining us in March for 8 months. Justin is a an experienced ringer and conservationist who also brings a variety of other skills with him to the ABO, he will be a great addition to our small team.

74 Species have now been recorded this month.